About Linked Up

Linked Up seeks to close the wealth gap by focusing on promoting and teaching personal finance skills to individuals in low to moderate-income communities so they can make informed responsible financial decisions.

VISION STATEMENT: Close the wealth gap in Mississippi.

VALUES STATEMENT: All people deserve a chance at economic decency.

MISSION STATEMENT: We exist to close the wealth gap by providing financial education and opportunities for homeownership, entrepreneurship, and access to mainstream banking.


  • Raise public awareness of the need for financial literacy in low to moderate-income areas.

  • Provide financial education to schools in all 82 MS Counties.

  • Mentor one-on-one in personal finance, entrepreneurship and homeownership strategies.


Linked Up relies on generous support to fund our mission.

We provide free financial education to students in underserved communities, raise awareness and tools to close the wealth gap.

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